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Poecilotheria regalis / Indian Ornamental 4fh   (3-4cm)   NON UK!!

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Poecilotheria regalis / Indian Ornamental 4fh (3-4cm) NON UK!!

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Shipping time: 24 hours (next shipping available day)

Gender: Unsexed

Size: 2-3cm

Lifestyle: ARBOREAL


Temp.: 24-28*C

Humidity: 70-85%

Communal: YES

Experience level: ADVANCED

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Poecilotheria regalis - Arboreal - Old World
Nallamalla hills, Eastern Ghats, Andhra Pradesh and Northern Western Ghats, India
24-27°C - Keep dry with large waterbowl
Adult body length 7-8 cm

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I have been breeding/keeping spiders for 18 years, the first i've kept was Brachypelma smithi and Psalmopoeus cambridgei. My career started with most of my spiders when i was 17 years old in Poland, although just after moving to Northern Ireland i got the idea of making a fanpage on amateur breeding.

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