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Braplast transparent 5,8 L 19x19x19cm

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Braplast transparent 5,8 L 19x19x19cm


Braplast transparent 5,8 L 19x19x19cm
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Transparent container with a square base, dimensions 19x19x19 cm, tightly closed, durable, used for breeding overgrown as well as adult female arboreal and underground spiders.
Review Author: Mckenzie Product rating: Product rating 5/5 Date of review write: 24-10-2023
These are great sized enclosures, I currently house my Cuban Bronze in one and she is quite happy! The box did snap and break but it was only in the corner and I believe that was just royal mail! Overall, I'm very happy with this.
Review Author: Monte Product rating: Product rating 5/5 Date of review write: 15-10-2020
Sturdy, nice-looking, and easy to ventilate - what's not to like? Looking forward to moving one of my smaller lads in a few months.

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I have been breeding/keeping spiders for 18 years, the first i've kept was Brachypelma smithi and Psalmopoeus cambridgei. My career started with most of my spiders when i was 17 years old in Poland, although just after moving to Northern Ireland i got the idea of making a fanpage on amateur breeding.

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