DECORATIONS The catalog of interior design elements seems to be the most fun for hobbyists.
Also for me!

The products contained here come from many European countries.
They are purchased in large quantities, so please do not be afraid that they will disappear from the list :)
Many of them have the CFTN Quality Label.
What does it mean ? Exactly that I use them myself in my tanks for years.
All products are selected, weighed and measured on site.
Products made by me are also available.
This category will be expanded over time.
Everything CFTN sells is safe for animals (non-toxic)

If you have any questions about these products, feel free to email me!

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I have been breeding/keeping spiders for 18 years, the first i've kept was Brachypelma smithi and Psalmopoeus cambridgei. My career started with most of my spiders when i was 17 years old in Poland, although just after moving to Northern Ireland i got the idea of making a fanpage on amateur breeding.

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