RELEASE THE CREATURE Welcome to the Release The Creature tab.

Here you will find the widest range of tarantulas in Great Britain and this part of Europe.
It is with great pleasure that I announce that most of the species contained here come from my own reproduction, so I can guarantee species purity.
The form of search depends only on you, but to make it easier to wander through so many different species I have prepared a simple division.
Spiders are divided by gender and size.
Additional division is life preferences (above ground, arboreal and underground)
In addition, you'll find a division into spiders for beginners and advanced.
To facilitate a more detailed search, I invite you to use a product search engine that will recognize scientific and common names.
If you notice any incorrect names of some common names, please write to me about it!
This site will be improved every month to meet the expectations of my clients and enthusiasts!

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I have been breeding/keeping spiders for 18 years, the first i've kept was Brachypelma smithi and Psalmopoeus cambridgei. My career started with most of my spiders when i was 17 years old in Poland, although just after moving to Northern Ireland i got the idea of making a fanpage on amateur breeding.

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